Whiskey review – Ardbeg Uigeadail

How the story begins…

This whiskey was recommended to me by a good friend. When he told me this was one of his favorite whiskey’s, my expectations where very high. He did not give away any tasting notes. I just had to buy a bottle and experience the taste for myself.

The first thing that caught my attention was the label on the box. It says: ‘Treacle. Bacon. Bonfires’. I thought to myself, what that could mean in terms of taste. I was expecting something more peated and Islay like. The second thing was the High alcohol percentage. Ardbeg claims on the back of the label: ‘Ardbeg Uigeadal is non chill-filtered at high strength which retains maximum flavor and gives more body and added depth.’


I remember the first smell of this whiskey perfectly. The ambience was perfect, a clear cold autumn night on the 5th floor on my balcony. When I smelled the whiskey for the first time, I immediately understood those 3 words on the label.  

Peated but not in the traditional way, more like sweet bacon that is getting smoked outside. Some salty hints from Islay and a little sweetness of dark sugar syrup. Score: 9


Fruity, sweet honey like tones that are followed by strong peated tones. The smokiness and the sweetness collapse in your mouth and give a wonderful finish. Score: 9.5


Long and well balanced. The smokiness and sweetness combined is just wonderful. The peated tones fade away and you keep a light smoked caramel flavor in your mouth. Score: 9.5

Final verdict:

This whiskey is extremely well balanced. I am just amazed by this whiskey, and I did not ever experience a complex but well distinguished taste like this. This Whiskey has landed in my top 3 favorites. Score 9.3

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    Glad you liked it, my friend! Great whisky brings forth great conversations. Slainte!

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