The Colombian


This post is dedicated to my Colombian friends their culture and their beautiful fresh products. They have shown me the warmth and hospitality of their culture. So, as a thank you, I named this bad boy the Colombian! It also contains the products that my friends use a lot in their cuisine. 

I was checking what the internet had to say about the origin of the hamburger. My curiosity came due to the fact that I think the hamburger is a very underrated meal. There is an unclear history about the hamburger, you can read the stories yourself. The one that made most sense to me was that in the 19th and early 20th century there was a need for the modern food for the lower and middle class due to industrialization. The hamburger is a product of many cultures and developed itself trough the need of that time. 

Like I said, I think that the hamburger is heavily underrated, and it is not so easy to get a good one. This is also due to the fact of the fast-food growth and people just not having very good taste… (Ouch, but I said it!) 

What is the secret of a good hamburger? 

Good meat, I prefer Angus beef and a very good bun. Bake it a little so the top has a nice crunch to it and of course fresh veggies. 

Is it hard to make one? Uhh.. no it truly is easy peasie. If you do your best, you can impress your guests or date with this heavenly burger. 

The Colombian – 4 persons

Recipe by Dave WielingaCourse: MainCuisine: ColombianDifficulty: Easy
Prep time




  • tabasco

  • mayonnaise

  • 1 lime

  • fresh coriander

  • chorizo in thin slices

  • 4 slices of old cheese

  • 2 advocado’s

  • 1 red onion

  • 1 jalapeno or red spanish peper

  • 4 angus beef burgers

  • 4 buns from heaven

  • 1 crop of romaine lettuce

  • Tortilla chips or potato slices with peel


  • Put around 200 ml of mayonnaise in a bowl. Add some salt and pepper, 2-4 drops of tabasco (do this to your taste, you can spice it up if you want to). Squeeze the lime trough the mayonnaise. Cut some coriander and add it. Stir it up until it al blends nicely. Taste it, if its to sour or spicy you can add some sugar. The trick is to not overdo it so it nice and balanced. 
  • Bake the buns around 7-8 minutes on 200°C  if the oven is pre heated. If you serve with tortilla chips warm them with the buns for last 4 minutes. If you serve with potato slices, then bake them gold brown with oil on medium heat. 
  • First wash all the veggies and then slice those veggies. Make nice thin onion rings. Cut the jalapeno in nice thin rings and if you are a weakling remove the seeds. Cut the avocado in long slices. Remove 4 leaves from the crop romaine make sure they are washed properly. 
  • Grill the meat. Perfect if you have a grill pan (if you don’t buy one!). Both sides 2minutes on High fire and make sure the pan is already hot. Get those nice grilling lines in your meat. A beef burger needs to be grilled medium rare. 
  • Focus… you are almost there! This is your serving order: 
    Cut the bun->bottom bun->Leaf of romaine->Beef->Old Cheese->Chorizo->Spread sauce thin->Onion ring->Jalapeno slice->Avocado->spread sauce thin on bun->place the top bun on the majestic tower.
    Now place a great steak knife trough the middle like a boss. Put it on a plate and place the tortilla’s or potato next to it. Also serve some extra sauce in a small sauce plate and garnish the plate with some avocado. 


  • Compliment your Colombian with a cold Corona and slice of lime.  

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