The cigar journey – part 1

Cigars and whiskey

I’ve always loved the smell of a cigar since I was little. My dad liked to occasionally smoke petite corona’s that where cognac dipped. I gained more interested in cigars, because I am a whiskey and cognac drinker. I can really appreciate the craft, love and passion that the distilleries must make these fine liquors.

In a whiskey there is so much to taste, so many flavor’s and hints. The story of the distillery is always great to read before you even take a sip. But that a cigar could add so much dimension to the liquor, I didn’t know.

I used to smoke a petit corona on New Year’s Eve, that helped me light up the fireworks. It was always fun to light one up, but the taste was always sharp and not refined.

First Cigars

A good friend of mine went to Colombia for a holiday and he asked me if I would like to have something from his country. So, I asked him for a box of real good cigars. I thought that good cigars only came from Cuba, but boy I was wrong. It turned out to be that more South American countries make great cigars.

Brevas Robustos

When he came back, he had a strange colored box with him and at first, I thought it was candy. They were handmade Robustos by a brand called Brevas. They were quite big and smelled great, but I did not yet have a cigar cutter or a humidor to preserve them. So, the first cigar I had to cut with one of my Japanese knives and thank God it was sharp.

The cutter I bought


We took a seat on the balcony on a great summer evening, I poured in 2 scotch (Mortlach – Rare old) and we lighted up those Robustos. I was surprised about how soft they tasted. Soft and subtle but still a great full taste that complimented each zip of the whiskey. They were big and tightly rolled so you had to take a strong pull of that cigar. It took us like 35 minutes to finish the cigar. The experience was so great and relaxed that I made the decision to buy a humidor and a good cutter.

Lighting up the good stuff

We have a great cigar store here in Haarlem, I will take some advice and will buy some cigars from Nicaragua and Cuba. I will keep around 10 cigars stored in my humidor and draw them out on nice occasions (I like to create these occasions myself). Luckily, I am blessed with great friends and my dad to enjoy them. Sharing tastes and experiences makes live better, It would be a shame to keep it only for myself.

To be continued…

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