The cigar journey – part 2

It is funny because this story only started a month ago with a gift from a friend. The first box of Brevas Robusto is already gone, but what a pleasure it was. In the meantime, I have tried 5 different cigars and tried to pair them with the right drinks.

I have searched the internet for reviews about different cigars (flavors and types) and experienced the culture of cigar smokers online. Some friends of mine where a bit too quick and harsh in their judgement, saying that the cigar world is for snobs and rich people. I can understand where they are coming from, but I have found out they are wrong. This world is for people who enjoy life and for enthusiasts who appreciate craftmanship.

I found out that smoking a cigar stops the clock and every draw is a moment of pleasure. As a man who loves food, culture and craftmanship, this cigar journey is just simply amazing. A good cigar is pure craftmanship and tasting trough all the layers and complexity is simply a wonderful and enriching experience.

The pleasure after cooking a great meal and seeing other people enjoying your hard work is indescribable. Ending the meal with a digestive and a good coffee makes it perfect. I did not know that smoking a cigar just adds a whole other dimension to this all. Sharing these experiences with enthusiasts or your friends is another bonus.

Because of this all I choose to Invest in some good and life lasting products. And I want to thank the following companies for their good service and expertise:


Havana House Haarlem

The main question for now is: ‘What is the best small cigar for a quickie?’ I can’t decide between:

  • Partagás Short
  • Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas
  • H. Upmann Half Corona

Maybe someone can give me some advice and drop a comment below?

To be continued…

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    You bought a new humidor. It looks very cool.
    Smoking a cigar is truly about stopping time and reflect about live. Keep it up Dave!

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