The art of cognac

Cognac have been one of my favorite digestives. Always when I am out for dinner and I am satisfied, cognac is the cherry on the pie for me. In my opinion cognac goes well paired with a mild sweet cigar.

When I saw the stories and reviews about accord royal 1738 online, I knew I had to buy it. The bottle itself also has a nice story attached to it. So, I went to my local liquor store Gall & Gall van Kessel, where they always provide excellent service!


To reveal you the story in a nutshell here is the quote from

‘In 1738, only 14 years after Rémy Martin started producing cognacs, King Louis XV of France, impressed by the quality of his cognac granted him exclusive permission to plant new vineyards through an accord royal, a royal permission.

This rare royal license was given to reward the excellence of Mr. Rémy Martin’s craftsmanship—a true connoisseur’s call.’

I have no regrets; this cognac is truly a great piece of craftmanship and extremely well priced for its quality. This is going to be a bottle I will stock in my liquor cabinet.

Look at that briljant amber colour


Very rich and sweet, mild floral notes and fruity layers in the back. Score: 9.5


Very soft and pleasant. Sweetness at first like a drop of honey gently cuddles your tong, then some fruity notes and a hint of toffee. Score: 9.5


Extremely well balanced. Round and sweet like honey but don’t be fooled there are a lot of complex and beautiful layers to be explored after each zip. Score: 9.2

Final verdict

This cognac should absolutely be in your liquor cabinet. The price quality ratio is simply amazing, I am truly impressed by this cognac. In my opinion it should be consumed slowly and pure without ice. It truly deserves the name accord royal. Score: 9.4

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