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Humidor Chezdave

The cigar journey – part 2

It is funny because this story only started a month ago with a gift from a friend. The first box of Brevas Robusto is already gone, but what a pleasure it was. In the meantime, I have tried 5 different cigars and tried to pair them with the right drinks. […]

Romeo y Juliata

Review Romeo y Julieta mille fleurs

Sunday, great weather and just came home from a friendly 9-hole golf match against a friend (that I won ha-ha). My wife made me a great Togolese dish and I was satisfied, what else could you wish for? I created my smoke spot on the balcony and checked the humidor, […]

Cigar Joya

Review Joya de Nicaragua torpedo

Exciting, my first cigar review! I am just a beginner entering the world of cigars, but I have experienced taste buds when it comes to coffee, whiskey and cognac. I know what I like to smoke and I love to combine that with the best beverage to create a flavor […]

Brevas Robustos

The cigar journey – part 1

Cigars and whiskey I’ve always loved the smell of a cigar since I was little. My dad liked to occasionally smoke petite corona’s that where cognac dipped. I gained more interested in cigars, because I am a whiskey and cognac drinker. I can really appreciate the craft, love and passion […]