Review Tatuaje Tattoo Caballero

I got this cigar from my monthly subscription at the humidor webshop. This subscription offers a variety of well-priced cigars every 2 months per mail. The subscription is a great way to discover new things and expand your own taste.


Ring Gauge: 50
Size: 5 inch
Strenght: Medium
Smoke time: 80 minutes
Costs: €6


Very atractive, but quite strong and bold. Leather, wood, earth and a hint of cacao. Score: 8.1


When lit it was quite soft, pepper and leather where very prominent. At 1/3rd the softness changed into a medium body in a gentle way. In the background where some hints of cacao and coffee beans. At the end the spice took over with earth tones. I would not say that it was very complex, all the flavors are just there in a bold way. Score: 7.8

Build & draw

The oily wrapper has a beautiful color and feels well rolled. The cigar burned evenly for the whole duration. The draw was very light, maybe a bit too light. The funny thing is that the light draw went well with the bold flavor. Score 8.3

Final verdict

A bold and well made cigar. Very spicy with a medium body and a light draw. Considering the cost, I would say a very good cigar that is truly a bang for your buck. Score: 8.0

Pairing advice
The bold medium flavor goes really well with:

  • A piece of chocolate
  • Brown rum

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