Review Romeo y Julieta mille fleurs

Sunday, great weather and just came home from a friendly 9-hole golf match against a friend (that I won ha-ha). My wife made me a great Togolese dish and I was satisfied, what else could you wish for? I created my smoke spot on the balcony and checked the humidor, ‘what to smoke, what to smoke’?

The bouquet of the Romeo y Julieta mille fleurs had its grasp on me, time to light it up and enjoy.


Ring gauge: 42
Length: 5.1 inch
Size: Petit corona
Strength: Medium strong
Smoke time: 30-40 minutes
Costs: € 4,70


Very subtle and balanced. Sweet and mild with a small hint of cacao. Score: 7.5


Medium flavor a bit boring after the first smell. After 1/3 it gets a bit spicy. Overall the flavor is dark roasted and a little sweet with some cacao. Score: 6.5

Build & draw

O.k. I guess, did not like the draw that much. I had a perfect clean cut, but I did not like the draw that much. Had the feeling it was rolled to tight. It burned very evenly, but I had to re-light it 2 times. Score 6.2

Final verdict

A nice after dinner smoke that you can enjoy in 30-40 minutes. Flavor is not really my cup of tea. Dark roasted flavor with not many surprises to it. Score: 6.7

Pairing advice

The dark roasted flavor spoils a good cognac or balanced whiskey but goes great with a:

  • Strong cup of espresso

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