Review Joya de Nicaragua torpedo

Exciting, my first cigar review! I am just a beginner entering the world of cigars, but I have experienced taste buds when it comes to coffee, whiskey and cognac. I know what I like to smoke and I love to combine that with the best beverage to create a flavor synergy

After reading good reviews about the brand Joya, I went to Havana House Haarlem to buy my first Joya de Nicaragua torpedo. I had my doubts, because of the low price of this cigar. This changed after the first smell. Subtle and gentle wood and earth notes. Was it love at first smell?

I hope you enjoy my review, and that it gives you a good insight about this cigar.


Ring gauge: 52
Length: 6 inch
Size: Torpedo
Strength: Mellow
Smoke time: 70-90 minutes
Costs: Around €5


The first smell was very pleasant, woody and soft also a bit earthy. The smell was balanced and subtle. Score: 8


When lit the flavor was mellow and woody at 1/3 the pepper notes really came around the corner. I love how soft it was but still offered great taste of spice, wood and earth. Score: 8.7

Build & draw

I loved the build quality of this cigar, tight and smooth specially for that price. After making a perfect straight cut the draw was absolutely magnificent. Score: 8.5

Final verdict

The price/quality of this cigar is just amazing. If you are in to mild cigars that still offer a lot of flavor, I would advise you to store some of these in your humidor! Final score: 8.4

Take your time to enjoy

Pairing advise

The mellow wood and spice flavor goes very well with:

  • A mid strong double espresso combined with an ameretto or a nutty
  • A mild peat whiskey

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