Review El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme

A perfect autumn sunday, clear sky and the sun burning lightly on my skin, it was around 6 degrees Celsius. With just 2 hours of sun left, I decided to open my humidor and got really excited when I smelled the El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme.

Smoking on a perfect autumn day


Ring gauge: 48
Length: 5 inch
Size: Hermosos No. 4
Strength: Mild
Smoke time: 45 minutes
Costs: € 10


Complex but mild. The first most distinguished tones for me where hay, cacao and coffee. Under that layer I could discover a more subtle sweet tone and a hint of vanilla. Score: 9.5


The first 1/3rd was very mild and creamy with a little bit of sweetness. At 2/3rd the complexity kicked in, notes of nuts, vanilla, pepper and coffee, this was the best part for me. At 3/3rd the mild cigar tended to go to medium. Peppery and coffee tones took over the sweetness, I could still taste some vanilla. Score: 9

Build & draw

The cigar was tightly rolled, but not to tight. It was very easy to cut this cigar perfectly. I had to relight it a couple of times, to keep it burning even. The burn was not flawless, but still good. I really loved the draw, that was just perfect for me. Score 8

Final verdict

Choix Supreme was a great cigar, I enjoyed it very much. I loved the fact that it was mild but very complex. A lot of flavors to discover, I will definitely  keep some in my humidor. Score: 8.8

El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme on a glass of whiskey

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