Review Davidoff Grand Cru no.5

Davidoff Grand Cru no.5

Before you read this, you must know that I have a weak spot for petit corona’s. They are great in the morning or in a restaurant after some fine dining. 25-35 minutes smoking time is very convenient from time to time.


Ring gauge: 41
Length: 4 inch
Size: Petit Corona
Strength: Mild/Medium
Smoke time: 30 minutes
Costs: € 11


Bold yet elegant smell, hard to explain. The tones that where most distinctive where leather, hay and a subtle elegant sweetness. Score: 8.5


Starting of at 1/3rd with tones of wood and a light pepper. There is also something sweet marshmallow like in the background. At 2/3rd a lovely nuttiness, black pepper, hay and leather. Wood tones from the retro-hale. What a beauty! Complex, elegant and a lot of flavor. At 3/3 more spices, more pepper tending to go medium and keeping the lovely nuttiness. All the thirds of this cigar are interesting, i want to keep smoking this cigar… Score: 9.5

Build & Draw

I wish every cigar was constructed like this one. When you have it in your hand you can see and feel the quality. The smoke is white, same as the ash. It burns evenly constantly. The draw is absolutely flawless, not to tight, not to loose, just perfect. Even at 3/3rd the cigars stays pleasant and not hot. chapeau Davidoff, chapeau! Score: 10

Isn’t she a beauty?

Final verdict

I was blown away by this cigar, so much flavor in such a small format. Complex and elegant this petit corona matches my palate, I absolutely love it. For me this petit corona shares first place with Montecristo’s Media corona. I will most definitely stock my humidor with this beauty Score: 9.3

Pairing advice

I would advice pairing this cigar with an espresso and pure chocolate (this chocolate) with nuts. I think with an amaretto or hazelnut liquor aside to the espresso, to make it even better. On the Davidoff website they advice you to pair it with a rich Bordeaux because of the spices in the cigar. The cigar is elegant, but more nutty then a spice bomb, but I can understand where they coming from and I will give that a try in the future.

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