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Good day sir/madam, how great that you are reading my story about cognac tasting. I guess you are interested in cognac, or maybe you are already a connaisseur. I hope that this review gives you some insight about cognac, prices, tasting notes, and will inspire you to buy a great cognac.

If you are interested in the origin of cognac, I would recommend you to read this link.

The story behind this tasting article is a funny one. I saw a picture of Frapin XO cigar blend on Instagram and made a comment, that it was on my wanted list. Then @discovercognac surprised me and send me a package of 8 bottles VS, V.S.O.P. and XO cognacs, togheter with a cool tasting glass!

I called my dad (a man with great taste) and planned a tasting evening so we could review each of these cognacs. We decided to take it seriously and started out with burrata salad, 220 grams of
tenderloin steaks and a great red wine. When finished dinner we took an espresso and waited for 2 hours for the tasting could begin.

We prepared a board of charcuterie specially selected for the cognacs. On this board was a mild swiss cheese with truffle, cranberry paté, dried sausage with walnut and an organic chocolate 80% cacao.

Tasting setup

The sample list

Prices below are based on online retail prices.


Bache Gabrielsen – Tre Kors (€33,00)      

Bache Gabrielsen – American oak (€39,99)


Augier L’Océanique (€57,95)


Park borderies mizunara 10 (€79,00)

Frapin cigar blend (€79,99)

Park XO cigar blend (€160,00)

J.Dupont Art Deco (€150,00)

Jean-Luc Pasquet Le Cognac de Jean (€169,95)

Bache Gabrielsen – Tre Kors

Nose: Citrus, mint tingling in the nose.

Taste: A bit boring, very shallow. No real distinct tastes.

Aftertaste: Flown away in a second.

Bache Gabrielsen – American oak          

Nose: Vanilla, coconut, apricot. Very tropical.

Taste: Sweet soft vanilla, pineapple, and a fine tingling on the tongue. Like a mix of a speyside whisky and a ripe brown rum.

Aftertaste: Medium, like summer with a fine tingling.

Augier L’Océanique

Nose: Floral, citrus, and far away a light salty tone.

Taste: Noticeably light, fresh but a bit shallow.

Aftertaste: A bit sharp.

Park borderies mizunara 10

Nose: Sweet, soft, and fruity. Delicately spicy and honey.

Taste: Sweet, vanilla, and delicate fruity tones.

Aftertaste: Great sensation on the tongue, long aftertaste.

Frapin cigar blend

Nose: Toffee, chocolate, delicate fruit tones, extraordinarily rich.

Taste: Pleasant on the tongue, smooth and rich. Wood, black pepper, and light hints of tobacco.

Aftertaste: Exceptionally long and pleasant, wood and pepper are very noticeable.

Park XO cigar blend

Nose: Honey, Vanilla pleasant but light

Taste: Nutmeg, honey some spiciness in the background. Rich in taste but not overly complex

Aftertaste: Long, rich, and sweet.

J.Dupont Art Deco

Nose: Orange peels, spices and sweet.

Taste: Delicate and elegant, sweet toffee and spices.

Aftertaste: Extremely pleasant medium-long aftertaste, a grand cognac!

Jean-Luc Pasquet Le Cognac de Jean

Nose: Citrus, honey, and ginger

Taste: A sharp burn, I can only taste the citrus

Aftertaste: Unpleasant and intense

Final verdict:

My father and I made a top 3 of the cognacs we have tasted. We considered the price, the tasting notes and also if we would buy a bottle of the specific cognac.

No.1      Frapin cigar blend

No.2      Bache Gabrielsen American oak

No.3      J. Dupont Art Deco

A special thanks again to discovercognac for making this possible! On Discovercognac you can find a webshop where you can buy beautifully selected cognacs.

Cheers! Do not forget, drink responsible.

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