Bami Goreng

Bami goreng

It has been almost a year already since we visited Bali (Indonesia). What a great trip that was, although I must say that the island was damaged by mass tourism. I have always liked bami goreng, but eating it in Bali changed my perspective on it. I had it in […]


Tagliatelle al salmone

I just can’t help it, a good old pasta craving! Do you wan’t something else then bolognese? Do you like fish? Then I have something you might love. A great and easy to make pasta dish full of flavour. This recipe is about simplicity, different textures and using good ingredients. […]


Stir fried noodles with spicy shrimps

I always love to stir fry during the midweek. Why you ask me? Well the dishes are easy to prep; it can be very healthy and extremely delicious. The secret to a stir frying is to prep your ingredients before you start cooking. Chop the veggies and keep them separate […]


Hutspot with rookworst and cognac gravy

Origin story: This is great, I can teach you something about my own culture and history! In Leiden, it is tradition that on 3 October people celebrate ‘Leidens Ontzet’ with a plate of hutspot. In the 80 years of war with Spain (1568-1648) the Spanish surrounded the city of Leiden […]


Lasagna with minced lamb

This recipe was a try out for me and my wife. I wanted to create a romantic evening with some wine and a nice dish. I thought, we both love lasagna and we both love lamb meat so lets combine it. It turns out to be that it was a […]


Frango na pucara

I never tried to make Portuguese food before, but it was awesome. A friend of mine who lived in Portugal for quite a few years was coming with his girlfriend for dinner. I asked him which Portuguese dish he really liked and searched the web for recipes. There are a […]


Burrata salad with lamb chops

The truth is I never had burrata since like two months ago. It was on the menu in a restaurant I liked and I immediately fell in love. Like with all Italian dishes you don’t need much, only a few good and fresh ingredients and its perfect. The salad I […]


Salmon with spicy rice and broccoli

The temperature is hot and you gained a few pounds from your holiday (like me and my wife did). Time to think of healthy recipes and light meals, that also have great flavors. My wife loves fish and we do have a good fish market around the corner, so I […]

Taco ChezDave

Soft shell taco’s

We have tried a lot of soft shell taco varieties in the last couple of months. We tried them with corn, beans, ground beef, chicken you name it. All I can say, this dish is a real winner. It is fresh, spicy and a great spring/summer recipe. Enjoy!

Bami Suriname

Bami from Suriname

Introduction I heard from my wife she was telling her colleagues that we are eating this dish at home. When they responded ‘why is the recipe not on the website’, it made my day. So colleagues of my wife, this recipe is for you! This dish is great for a […]