Bami Goreng

Bami goreng

It has been almost a year already since we visited Bali (Indonesia). What a great trip that was, although I must say that the island was damaged by mass tourism. I have always liked bami goreng, but eating it in Bali changed my perspective on it. I had it in […]


Saint-Jacques coquilles au beurre blanc

I just love coquilles, I could eat a dozen of them. Too bad this, fancy and quite expensive starter contains only 2 or 3 pieces per dish. Saint-Jacques coquilles are delicate and contain a lot of flavor, but you have to make sure you buy them fresh and the best […]


Tagliatelle al salmone

I just can’t help it, a good old pasta craving! Do you wan’t something else then bolognese? Do you like fish? Then I have something you might love. A great and easy to make pasta dish full of flavour. This recipe is about simplicity, different textures and using good ingredients. […]


Stir fried noodles with spicy shrimps

I always love to stir fry during the midweek. Why you ask me? Well the dishes are easy to prep; it can be very healthy and extremely delicious. The secret to a stir frying is to prep your ingredients before you start cooking. Chop the veggies and keep them separate […]


Hutspot with rookworst and cognac gravy

Origin story: This is great, I can teach you something about my own culture and history! In Leiden, it is tradition that on 3 October people celebrate ‘Leidens Ontzet’ with a plate of hutspot. In the 80 years of war with Spain (1568-1648) the Spanish surrounded the city of Leiden […]


Baba de camelo

Translated as ‘Saliva of a camel’, sounds appealing doesn’t it? This dessert was part of a Portuguese evening and I learned that Portuguese love their sweet dessert. To be honest I love it too, especially with a strong cup of espresso. It takes a long time to prepare the dessert, […]


Lasagna with minced lamb

This recipe was a try out for me and my wife. I wanted to create a romantic evening with some wine and a nice dish. I thought, we both love lasagna and we both love lamb meat so lets combine it. It turns out to be that it was a […]


Frango na pucara

I never tried to make Portuguese food before, but it was awesome. A friend of mine who lived in Portugal for quite a few years was coming with his girlfriend for dinner. I asked him which Portuguese dish he really liked and searched the web for recipes. There are a […]


Burrata salad with lamb chops

The truth is I never had burrata since like two months ago. It was on the menu in a restaurant I liked and I immediately fell in love. Like with all Italian dishes you don’t need much, only a few good and fresh ingredients and its perfect. The salad I […]