Cognac sample tasting

Good day sir/madam, how great that you are reading my story about cognac tasting. I guess you are interested in cognac, or maybe you are already a connaisseur. I hope that this review gives you some insight about cognac, prices, tasting notes, and will inspire you to buy a great […]


Whiskey review – Ardbeg Uigeadail

How the story begins… This whiskey was recommended to me by a good friend. When he told me this was one of his favorite whiskey’s, my expectations where very high. He did not give away any tasting notes. I just had to buy a bottle and experience the taste for […]

Accord royal 1738

The art of cognac

Cognac have been one of my favorite digestives. Always when I am out for dinner and I am satisfied, cognac is the cherry on the pie for me. In my opinion cognac goes well paired with a mild sweet cigar. When I saw the stories and reviews about accord royal […]