About me

Salut connaisseurs,

First of all, let me thank you for visiting my foodblog! Honestly, I am thrilled to show you my kitchen and also want to give you an insight of my Burgundian lifestyle.

My personal quote: ‘Let no one ever tell you what your taste should be! Taste is your personal journey, waiting to be discovered’


But first it’s time to get personal, so you can understand this blog better. Let me take you back to when I was born the 25th of July, the year 1991 in Haarlem. I have been born and raised in this beautiful cultural area in the Netherlands. If you have not been there, I can really advise you to visit my hometown. I promise you; you won’t be disappointed.

City of Haarlem
City of Haarlem


My father has always liked wines and whiskeys, he appreciated the quality and experience of things. My mother was the cook at home and loved it when she could take care of family or guests. She would spend days in the kitchen preparing the perfect 3 (or more) courses for them. From my mother’s side I have a pinch of Italian blood. Most of my friends make fun of me when I tell them, but it makes me proud and I understand my cravings for Italian cuisine.

At the age of 19 I started to developpe my own style and identity. I have become a mixture of my parents’ education with my own personal flavor. Don’t get me wrong I am not a professional chef (I chose a different career path), but I have an enormous passion for food, and I was always experimenting in the kitchen. My mother is one of the best home chefs I know, and her food beats a lot of restaurants I have dined in. Creating a meal that is delicious and honest and serving it in such a way that it also looks tasteful is what drives me.

Relations, culture and food

The caretaking part of my mother is something I have inherited. I love to take care of my friends or guests and show my affection for them through my food. The standards of my father are something I am proud at; I appreciate quality and passion that people have for the things they make. Selecting a good wine or enjoying a scotch with a cigar on my balcony gives me a feeling of being alive. I am happy and blessed that I can do al these things and share them with you. Life means nothing without relationships.

I am truly Dutch, but I always felt connected with warmer and different cultures. I love experiencing food, because I think that it connects people. Food has a story to tell that can go very deep and can hit you in your core.

West Africa

I am married to an African queen, who represents part of west Africa. She is half Togolese and half Senegalese and born in Ivory Coast. If you are asking yourself why I use French on this website, I am learning it from her (and it sounds so sophisticated). She has shown me so much of her culture and really enriched my life. The preparation of food is totally different then I was used as a European. When the food is served it doesn’t look as a tasteful painting, but when you taste it you can experience the love and effort that it took to make the meal. I got acquainted with the spiciness and flavors she is used to. Now I like to add them into my own cooking style sometimes.


So, what is the goal then for this blog? To be honest I have no idea… I can give you a fake story how I want to change the world, but that wouldn’t be fair. Personally, I like to check blogs, stories, recipes and reviews about sharp Japanese knives and kitchen tools or fine cigars and spirits. That makes me just want to share my knowledge in my own authentic way and hope that you can use it for your own personal journey.

I hope that I have shown you a bit of my personality, so that you have more insight when you read my posts. I truly hope you enjoy them, and that u will use my recipes and change them the way you like. Taste is subjective and personal, take this journey with me and discover your own taste while getting connected with different cultures.

Life has so much to offer!

Yours truly,

Dave Samuël Wielinga